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Virtual Procedure Training for aviation, transportation, healthcare and more.

Go beyond text. Enter the world of immersive visual learning

Virtual Procedure Training moves beyond the limitations of the manual. Channeling the power of visual learning, V360E gives users the opportunity to learn in an interactive, virtual environment just like the one they’ll actually perform the tasks in. It’s how leading organisations are upgrading their training and going beyond the manual.

Don’t just read the manual, experience it

Create, edit and distribute virtual training modules in stunning 360 degree images. It’s visual learning your users will actually remember.

Test and monitor progress

Test users, track completion and monitor progress from an easy-to-use dashboard. It’s never been easier to stay on top of your training.

Integrate video, audio and presentations

Forget navigating confusing intranets. V360E lets you import existing video, audio, and presentations into one interactive environment for a richer, more holistic training experience.

Connect easily with your LMS

Seamlessly integrate V360E with your existing LMS for easy connection and distribution. Or, if you’d prefer, you can distribute directly via V360E.

The Benefits

Unlock better training with less effort. With V360E, you can create an immersive training experience for your users that improves information retention, pass rates and training quality – all while reducing training costs. It’s efficient, effective and intuitive training you can count on.

Improve training quality

Go beyond the manual and create immersive, 360 degree training modules of even the most complex procedures.

With ultra high definition images and full VR support, V360E is most immersive and effective way for students to learn procedures without actually being there.

Increase pass rates

Practice makes perfect – and V360E makes it easier than ever for students to practice procedures anytime, anywhere.

By simply logging on from their mobile device or laptop, they can practice procedures and test their progress at home or on the go. It’s immersive, effective training, in and out of the classroom.

Reduce training costs

Students learn best by being there. But training them in the actual environment can be expensive and impractical.

V360E ensures that when it comes time to be in the actual environment, they’re familiar with their surroundings and the procedures. So any time spent, is time well spent, saving you money in repeated sessions and retests

Who V360E is for

Originally developed for aviation, V360E is a powerful tool that has applications across a range of industries.



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Other industries

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“We wanted our crew to feel that we are on their side in striving to be well-prepared for the job, which is why we have accepted responsibility to provide easy to understand training material. The Aviation eLearning app meets these requirements and more.”

Air Greenland Chief Flight Instructor Mogens Haar

“Students are much more prepared when they come to the aircraft for the first flight. They know the systems, how they work, and the flow of the aircraft.”

Anders Walsoe, Instructor

“We can get familiar with the aircraft before we have to fly, so it could save us a lot of time.” 

Student at Center Air Pilot Academy

“You can go through the entire checklist a million times if you want to without  leaving the house.” 

Vilas, student at Center Air Pilot Academy


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