SunClass uses V360E to train pilots on the ground
April 3, 2020
train pilots on ground in virtual cockpit

Memory Items and Normal Procedures

With pilots sent home due to COVID-19, Sunclass finds a way to maintain air crew proficiency with V360E. The customisable virtual train and track software solves the urgent training need and minimises the amount of training required once full operation resumes.

“The Virtual 360 Cockpit fits perfectly with what we need, and it’s easy to use! Our pilots can train from home on their iPads. We value the fact that with V360E we can customise the content and create training procedure according to our standard. Best of all, we can track our pilots’ progress online. We will initially start with Memory Items on both the Airbus 321 and A330, but will expand to normal procedures, if needed”, shares Nicolai Bondo Rasmussen, Sunclass Airlines NP Crew training.

Sunclass is a charter airline flying with Airbus 321 and A330, and with services from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. As governments in the region advised against travel to contain the outbreak, the airline has suspended its operation but will continue pilot training using V360E.

V360E free trial for Refresher Training 

Recently, Aviation eLearning offered a 6-month free trial of V360E for airlines and air operators in response to the authorities’ increasing concern on crew proficiency during this COVID-19 outbreak. The offer was to contribute to our most loved industry by providing a solution to aviation’s current trouble with training.

Since then, the V360E Team has received a good deal of applications from airlines and ATOs across the globe. Right at home, the latest is fellow Denmark-based Sunclass Airlines. The Team is thrilled to be supporting Sunclass all the way in its endeavor to provide quality and convenient training for its highly valued pilots.

Update: Sunclass Airlines implemented virtual training for pilots and cabin crew in 7 bases

To reduce the need to travel to get the training and to help crew stay current wherever they are, Sunclass Airlines decided to implement virtual training. Virtual trainers allow the crew to access the virtual aircraft with standardised procedures using their own mobile device and don’t require any additional VR equipment.

Learn How Sunclass Airlines Manages Crew Training Across 7 Bases.

Your Portal to Virtual Training

V360E is a complete virtual training software that enables companies to easily create and distribute e-courses to its employees. Using the same platform, users’ progress can be tracked. It’s a tool primarily designed for optimal learning as it is powered by stunning 360 images for visual and virtual learning. The interactive features will surely get your employees hooked to training anytime, anywhere be it with their tablets or smartphones.



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