Train your drivers in virtual environment

Improve performance and reduce costs with virtual training.

Virtual training first implemented in aviation, now used in rail industry.

Instead of memorising long text-based manuals, V360E enables your company to provide interactive virtual training. Allow your employees to train in virtual train environment – interior or exterior, just like the one they actually operate in.


How Rail Industry Benefits From V360E

Practical and accessible training

Lengthy manuals, safety and maintenance protocols, order of procedures, classroom sessions… All necessary training can be consumed in easier and interactive way.

V360E enables you to provide your employees with virtual training that is more practical and accessible.

Reduced in-person training

Transportation, accommodation, training facility, instructor availability and other arrangements related to traditional in-person training can be reduced with virtual training.

With V360E, time and money you invest to training today can be minimised by providing employees with virtual training modules in their own mobile device.

Training in realistic virtual environment

Engine operations, system inspections, security measures, maintenance training and other procedures can be all trained in virtual environment.

With V360E your employees can access all operations in one e-course using their own mobile device.

Create Interactive e‑Learning Courses

Recreate the actual training environment with virtual training modules and reduce your training costs.


How Can Your Company Implement Virtual Training?

1. Get V360E Free Trial

You get full 30 days to test V360E for your company.

During the free trial you can even enroll a number of your employees in the e-courses and test the platform properly.

We offer Live Demo, Training Session, Consultation, Support and Feedback, if needed.

2. Create e-courses

To create e-courses in V360E, you need a Workspace – visual background to place your content in.

It can be a picture or a 3D model of your train interior or exterior.

Then you need to transform your PDF manual into a virtual e-course.

Sounds challenging? It is not! We will assist you every step of the way.

3. Integration

Happy with results?

V360E is ready to be integrated in your current company systems.




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