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V360E Virtual Tours help the healthcare industry reach new levels of patient care.

The challenge of anxious patients

Getting treatment can be an anxious time for many patients. Preparation documents do little to reduce their doubts, and so they often arrive at the clinic anxious, and uncertain about what to expect. In turn, staff must spend time answering their questions and relieving their doubts, rather than focusing on the procedure itself.

V360E provides interactive virtual tours that allow patients to familiarise themselves with the environment, and learn about their treatment, before arriving at the clinic.

How V360E benefits the healthcare industry

Reduced patient anxiety

An anxious patient can be a difficult patient. But this anxiety often stems simply from not knowing what to expect.

V360E develops immersive virtual tours for healthcare clinics that patients can use to familiarise themselves with the environment, watch instructional videos, and read important information about their treatment ahead of time. The result is calmer, better prepared patients, and happier staff.

Revolutionised patient preparation

Traditional patient preparation documents are purely text-based, and do little to engage people who are used to a richer audio-visual experience.

V360E brings patient prep into the 21st century. Rather than read through pages of text-heavy documents, patients get to explore photos, videos and text in an immersive tour from the convenience of their own laptop or mobile device.

Improved clinic efficiency

One of the biggest complaints of any healthcare clinic is the time it takes to be taken care of. Minor delays can have a chain reaction which leads to inefficient clinics and frustrated patients.

V360E virtual tours help optimise the patient experience, answering their questions, and reducing anxiety ahead of time, creating a smoother, more efficient experience in the clinic itself.

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