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V360E is a powerful training tool with hundreds of uses. Find out how it can help your industry.

Immersive visual learning for any industry

Though originally developed for use in aviation training, companies across the world are discovering the power of V360E to enhance their training. Whatever your need, V360E has the flexibility to help you.

Faster and more effective staff on-boarding

How long does your staff onboarding currently take? What if you could cut that in half?

With V360E you can create immersive, virtual training modules for new staff to learn important on-boarding procedures in an interactive virtual environment.

They can familiarise themselves with the layout of a space, learn how to find and use key equipment, and even practice emergency procedures, all from the convenience of their mobile device.

It’s how forward-thinking companies reduce the time and effort required to train new starters.

All your training materials in one place

Training documents are only useful if they are used. But many companies have countless useful docs buried on the shared drive, unread by their team.

V360E provides an interactive, intuitive way for your team to access presentations, videos, audio and written materials in an easy-to-use virtual environment.

Forget the hassle of searching through endless company folders, with V360E, your team can access all the key content in one convenient place.

It’s easier training and better results.

Easily track training completion and progress

Knowing who has completed which training modules and who has not is vital to maintain training standards, but traditional methods make it hard to stay on top of.

V360E’s completion tracking gives you full visibility over which users have completed modules, how they’ve performed and what they still have left to complete. Get a complete overview of your staff training performance at a glance and save yourself countless hours following up.

Better training with less effort.

Test and monitor results

Training is only as effective as how well your team retain the information. And the best way to measure retention is testing.

V360E’s in-built testing functionality allows you to create easy or in-depth tests to assess the level of knowledge of your team.

Ensure everyone is up to speed and address any gaps in knowledge – fast.

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