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Learn a bit more about the V360E team and our story.

How it started

A text-based, 3,000+ page manual.
In aviation, that’s how pilots and crew have been expected to learn procedures – to read and memorise technical text, then apply it in the real-life, aircraft environment.
A reasonable method for days gone by, but in a world of smartphones, with intuitive technology at our fingertips, we decided that there had to be a better way.
That’s why we set out to create an immersive learning platform that would enable procedure training to go beyond the manual.
And so, V360E was born.

revolutionise pilot training

Founders story

As commercial pilots and trainers with over 30 years experience, our founders, Ole Wind Andersen and Steen Bach Sandal have seen both sides of the training equation – flying over 10.000 hours and training hundreds students.

In the role of instructors we both saw the need for improvement when training students in both smaller aircraft and full flight simulators. Being well prepared and knowing what to study and prepare for was a key element for success in a tight and expensive training schedule. Quite often too much time was spent in the aircraft or flight simulator on familiarization and practicing procedures which could have been practised in a less expensive and simpler environment such as a digital platform.

Anchored in that experience, V360E has been created entirely from scratch and designed with an intuitive user experience, seamless design and top quality in mind.

The Future of V360E

Intuitive User Experience

Our experienced team of multimedia specialists, UX designers and programmers work tirelessly to improve the software for both users and creators. Our commitment to seamless design and effortless user experience means V360E continues to improve.

Beyond Aviation

While we’ve got our start in aviation, we’re already seeing applications in a range of other industries like healthcare, transportation and construction. With the help of our customers, V360E continues to evolve and we’re excited about the future.

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