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Create interactive courses using 360 panoramic photos

360 panoramic photo creates a virtual environment for your course.


Upload your own photos or use photos from our library


Add interactivity and create guides, step-by-step instructions to train company processes or procedures in the virtual environment


Use images, videos and audio to enhance the learning experience


Revise and update content instantly with ease

No programming skills needed. Can you create presentations? Then you can create courses in V360E!

Distribute courses to your crew

Distribute courses to staff or students allowing them to learn and practice knowledge on their mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.


Publish courses and enrol users with just a few clicks


Users can access courses on desktop and mobile devices with ease


iOS app creates a seamless and effortless experience on Apple devices


LMS integration allows you to distribute V360E courses through your LMS

Monitor learning progress

Monitor the user progress with testing and completion tracking. Users get to sharpen their skills and you get clarity on what’s been completed, and what’s not.


Create interactive tests and allow users to practise their knowledge


Completion tracking shows you which modules have been completed by each user


You can use LMS to track learning progress

What you can use V360E for?

You can create various courses for different purposes. It could be e-learning for employee onboarding, recurrent training, intro classes, facility tours, workplace familiarisation, daily tasks, and more. Using 360 panoramic photos, you can recreate a realistic training environment and conduct training even if the training facility is not available. Courses are taken online, so your organisation avoids any hassle related to securing a classroom, arranging transportation to the training facility and managing instructors. Why not try it out?

Improve training quality

Go beyond the manual and create immersive, 360 degree training modules of even the most complex procedures.

With ultra high definition images and full VR support, V360E is most immersive and effective way for students to learn procedures without actually being there.  

Increase pass rates

Practice makes perfect – and V360E makes it easier than ever for students to practice procedures anytime, anywhere. By simply logging on from their mobile device or laptop, they can practice procedures and test their progress at home or on the go. It’s immersive, effective training, in and out of the classroom.

Reduce training costs

Students learn best by being there. But training them in the actual environment can be expensive and impractical.

V360E ensures that when it comes time to be in the actual environment, they’re familiar with their surroundings and the procedures. So any time spent, is time well spent, saving you money in repeated sessions and retests.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Virtual 360 Editor (V360E)?
V360E is a web based authoring tool that allows you to create your own custom-made interactive training modules, which take your users to a virtual training facility. 
How does V360E work?
V360E is a cloud based platform for creating training modules, their distribution and progress tracking. An admin is responsible for creating training modules, which are then distributed to the users. The users can access the training modules online on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The training can also be accessed offline through our app for iPad or iPhone.  V360E can be used for training in any environment. Indoor or outdoor, small or large. Training applications can be based on 360 panoramic photos or high quality 360 panoramic renders of 3D models that take users to a virtual training facility. The training can also be based on interactive documents containing voice over, pictures, videos and presentations.
Who can use V360E?
All organisations that:
  • Train a number of people on regular basis
  • Want to save time and money on execution of training
  • Have to meet certain training requirements
Our clients use V360E for training in aviation, transportation, hospitals and schools.
Why does my organisation need V360E?
V360E enables self-paced training that is accessible anytime and anywhere. By using V360E you can create motivating training that leads to better performance. If you want to improve traditional ways of training towards modern and personalised way, V360E is the solution for you.
What training material does V360E replace?
Say goodbye to boring paper manuals, tons of PDFs and reduce the hours of instruction guided training. Use V360E to create structured, interactive and interesting training modules that are always available for the user. Content of the training modules can be easily updated as necessary at any time.
Can I edit the content of the training?
Your company administrator in V360E can edit the content of the training any time without contacting us.
Which browsers can be used for creating training modules in V360E?
You can use any modern browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Internet Explorer is unfortunately discontinued.
How can the users access the training modules created in V360E?
Training modules can be accessed online on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The training can also be accessed offline through our V360E Player app for iPad or iPhone. 
Is the virtual environment based on real pictures or a computer-generated simulation?
Virtual environment is based on real 360 photography, or computer generated 360 images (3D renders). Using computer generated renders makes it possible to create almost any environment.  
Can I import my own images, videos and PDFs?
We support import of standard image formats (jpeg, png) and PDFs. You can also embed any video from YouTube or Vimeo.
Can I share my training modules to individual people?
Yes, our platform has user administration, where you can enrol users to specific courses.
Can I import training modules created in V360E into our LMS?
Training modules can be exported as a SCORM package, which can be imported in your LMS. We currently support SCORM 1.2 and 2004.
What if I don’t use LMS?
V360E has user administration where you can create or import users and enrol them to specific courses.  
Do I need Adobe Flash Player to use V360E?
No, both training modules and V360E run on HTML5, and will work on any modern internet browser, including smartphones and tablets. Although V360E runs on any modern internet browser on all devices, we recommend using a desktop computer or a laptop for creating and editing training modules to ensure seamless experience and the best performance. This only applies for company administrator who will create the training modules. Users can use all devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) to access the training modules.  
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