From Cockpit to Clinic – the Selandia MRI Trial

How V360E was used to improve patient experience and increase capacity in healthcare.

The Situation

The Selandia clinic in Denmark had a challenge. More than half the patients attending an MRI scan reported feeling anxiety about the procedure. This anxiety stems from not knowing what to expect, and in turn leads to additional questions, which requires staff to spend more time calming their nerves. Though it may seem minor, this extra time has a knock-on effect which significantly reduces the amount of patients a clinic can treat. Selandia was looking for a way to reduce patient anxiety, improve the patient experience and improve clinic efficiency.

The Solution

V360E was used to create an interactive virtual tour of the Selandia Clinic in 360 degree HD images. Prior to their appointment, patients were sent a link to the virtual tour, which they could explore on their computer or mobile device from the comfort of their own home.

Patients could click through the tour to familiarise themselves with the clinic, and watch instructional videos from actual medical staff answering common questions as well as read additional information about their procedure, all from within the V360E Selandia virtual tour.
The videos and content could be customised or updated by the clinic itself, allowing for flexibility to expand and enhance the solution over time.

The Results

Reduced patient stress, nervousness and anxiety

In a questionnaire, patients reported that the virtual tour helped demystify the MRI scanning experience. More than half reported feeling more relaxed about their procedure after completing the virtual tour.

300 more patients per year

The Selandia clinic reported an average saving of two minutes per patient, which allowed them to see one more patient a day. Over a year, this adds up to a potential 300+ additional patients – a significant increase in capacity.

More motivated staff

Less anxious patients freed up the staff to focus on a more positive, professional engagement, rather than giving repetitive instructions to calm patients’ stress. The result was a happier, more motivated team.


Reduced Patient stress


More patients per year


More motivated staff



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