Ireland’s largest flight school uses virtual trainers for pilot training
March 17, 2022
Virtual trainers for pilot training

Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA), based in Ireland, uses virtual trainers for pilot training.

AFTA is based in Cork and is Ireland’s largest flight training organization. AFTA is Europe’s No. 1 leader in recruiting and training prospective pilots.

With more than 20 aircraft, AFTA has one of the largest fleets in Europe, including Cessna 172s, Diamond DA42 Twin Stars, and Piper PA34 Senecas.

Committed to technical excellence in flight training, this Irish flight school is Ryanair’s official training partner through Ryanair’s mentored pilot training. Learn more about AFTA Ryanair Mentored Programme.

Simon Coveney, former Irish Minister for Foreign Affair & Trade, said:
‘When an airline like Ryanair endorses AFTA, that sends a signal out to everyone else that something of significance is happening and standards that are being delivered can be trusted.’ More about AFTA Ryanair Mentored Pilot Training Program on YouTube

To deliver high-quality flight training, instructors at AFTA use V360E to create virtual trainers for their students.

How do virtual trainers help AFTA to deliver high-quality training? 🤔 To find out, we talked to Mark Slade, Chief Multi-Crew Instructor at AFTA.

Why did you decide to modernize pilot training at your academy?

“We have been modernizing our fleet and the way we teach continuously for a number of years to keep up with the latest procedures and technology. This would include the addition of Diamond DA42 aircraft and DA42 simulators, G1000 equipped Cessna 172’s and our B737-800W simulator. During the APS MCC course we include the use of Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) and Onboard Performance Tools (OPT) to prepare the students for type rating and line training.”

What is the hardest part about training young pilots?

“For the students, the hardest part of the training is the intensity and amount of information that they have to learn over an integrated course. They have to be prepared to put hard work in from the very beginning of the training. They need to learn not just the flying skills, but also the essential knowledge to back-up these skills if they are to be successful as competent pilots.”

What do you use virtual trainers for?

“The V360E app was brought in mainly as a visual tool to help MCC students with the ground setup of the aircraft. We are currently using it on the Boeing 737-800W for APS MCC & MCC/JOC. The other parts of our Flightline are also using V360E for student / aircraft familiarization with the Cessna 172 and Diamond DA42.”

How does the virtual trainer fit into your Ryanair (RYR) Mentored Programme?

“It is a useful tool for students at different stages of flying training to familiarize themselves with the different aircraft and associated procedures. The RYR mentored students especially find it useful at the APS MCC stage when it allows them to become familiar with RYR SOP’s before moving into a type rating.”

What is your favorite feature of virtual trainers for pilot training?

“The fact that it enables students to see the inside of the flightdeck and follow the flow of the procedures during the various training exercises. It is very useful for students who are learning the initial setup of the aircraft on the ground.”

👉 See demo of virtual trainer for Diamond DA42.

What kind of feedback do you get from your students?

“The students have found using virtual trainers for pilot training a positive experience. It has reduced the amount of class time that was required to teach students the initial setup of the aircraft, allowing us more time to concentrate on the non-technical aspects of the flight training to a higher level.”

👉 Virtual cockpit trainer at Learn To Fly in Melbourne, Australia: feedback from future pilots and their instructors.

Would you recommend V360E to other flight schools?

“I would recommend V360E to other flight-training schools. It is a good way to standardize your students and instructors on the different types of aircraft you operate.”

What is V360E?

V360E is an e-learning authoring platform for creating virtual trainers for pilot training.

The training material can be distributed to end-users through V360E or LMS.

The end-users can access the training material using their phone, tablet or computer.

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