Babcock pilots train from home with V360E
March 25, 2020
train pilots from home

As flights are cancelled, even pilots can’t train as they used to. Being unable to reach the simulators often located in another country becomes a challenge in itself.

Faced with this challenge, Anders Nicolai Marstrander, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor at Babcock, turned to the V360E as a solution. As a V360E user, he knows first-hand the ability of the tool to create virtual cockpit trainer that can easily be accessed by learners from their devices wherever they may be. He explains, “we have worked with the V360E for more than a year now, and seen how it improves our training, this is just an added benefit, that we can support our pilots at home”.

In January 2019, Babcock engaged the services of the V360E Team to design a cockpit procedure trainer for their fleet of King Air 250 as well as Cessna 680A Citation Latitude. The finished project will be deployed using the same V360E platform. 

In just a matter of click, Babcock pilots will be able to train from home with a virtual Cessna 680, and even test their procedures within the virtual 360 setting and also refresh knowledge answering questionnaires created and distributed through the V360E. 

This is surely the optimum way to maintain pilot performance from home without compromising quality of training, and in this special case, the health and safety of everyone. 

Train at home: Engine Fire in Cessna 680


We find ways at V360E – Aviation eLearning 

Aviation eLearning, the Danish SaaS company behind the V360E, is all about optimal solutions to training in aviation and beyond. The V360E is designed specifically to enable organisations to design and implement training courses with stunning 360 images that bring users to a virtual work environment wherever they may physically be. The ability to create both immersive and interactive training courses also stretches the value of the V360E by improving outcomes through tapping into the user’s visual learning abilities. On top of this, distribution and progress tracking can be done in the same platform. 

The V360E is also compatible with any existing Learning Management System (LMS) organisations may already be using. 

Babcock biggest in the Nordic 

Babcock Scandinavian Air Ambulance (Babcock) is the largest air ambulance company in the Nordic region, with operations in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In July 2019, it took over the operation of ambulance aircraft in all of Norway. It has highly trained pilots and medical staff that provide aerial emergency medical service missions. Babcock takes pride in its people’s knowledge and expertise which is why flight crew training is at the core of its priorities.

The recent disruption in aviation proved a challenge to Babcock’s pilot training, especially when it comes to flying in Norway-based pilots to the United Kingdom where the simulator for Cessna 680A Citation Latitude is located. Babcock uses that specific aircraft, so it is crucial that their pilots continue their training in it.

EASA’s impact-mitigation rule for flight training 

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has recently set out a rule granting temporary “exemption to Part-FCL”, among other initiatives. In a nutshell, the rule is that European license holders can extend their Part-FCL  license upon receiving refresher training which shall include abnormal and emergency procedures.

The exemption aims to ensure a certain level of business continuity and ultimately “to reduce the severity of the disruptions that would otherwise occur due to non-availability of a sufficient number of flight and cabin crew members”, according to the EASA rule.

However, the rule also implies that air operators can delay simulator training for pilots and other training for cabin crew if they cannot fly to where the simulators are located. On top of the travel restrictions, this is an extra challenge for organisations whose air crew is based in one country and whose simulation training is conducted in another. 

How can V360E help your organisation?

The V360E Team is ready to support a variety of organisations for their training needs. Contact us at to know more about our product and the ways it can benefit your organisation. For those in aviation, you are invited to check out the wide-range of aircraft available in our library. Just as we assisted Babcock with its train from home policy, we strive to help your organisation training be disruption-ready with the V360E. 



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