How Scandinavia’s largest flight school creates better prepared pilots

Center Air Pilot Academy implemented V360E as an immersive alternative to paper-based training for its students

The Situation

Center Air Pilot Academy is Denmark’s largest and leading trainer of professional pilots. Center Air Pilot Academy has a strong training program but found it difficult to provide students the immersive cockpit experience required without actually being in class at the academy.

The result was that students often spent too much of the precious simulator time familiarising themselves with the cockpit and working through basic ground procedures, rather than focusing on the more complex ones.

Center Air Pilot Academy was looking for a way to create a more immersive, efficient way for their students to learn procedures and make better use of simulator time.

The Solution

Center Air Pilot Academy rolled out V360E training modules throughout its pilot training academy, allowing students to practice procedures from their mobile device anytime, anywhere – whether in the academy, or from the comfort of their own home.

The modules covered everything from normal procedures to emergency checklists and aircraft systems on the Diamond DA42 (twin engine aircraft), Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.

Using their iPad, students could now familiarise themselves with the cockpit of the aircraft ahead of time, exploring the instruments, systems and workflow in 360 degree ultra high definition.

The Results

Happier, more confident students

After using V360E, students reported greater confidence and comfort with the aircraft when entering the cockpit for the first time

More effective (and practical) study time

Students loved being able to get a feel for the aircraft, explore the instruments, and practice procedures all from the convenience of their iPad

More efficient simulator and aircraft sessions

Instructors reported that after using V360E, students came in more prepared and were able to make better use of simulator session time


“Students are much more prepared when they come to the aircraft for the first flight. They know the systems, how they work, and the flow of the aircraft” – Anders Walsoe, Instructor



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