One Air upgrades pilot training with V360E e-learning authoring platform
September 8, 2020
upgrades pilot training

Photo by: Grupo One Air

We are thrilled to announce that V360E has officially reached Spain with our latest Air Training Organisation (ATO) partner, Grupo One Air.

One Air prides itself as the aviation school with the most advanced technologies. It has the biggest fleet of Diamond and Cirrus aircraft in Spain and the largest simulation center in a European ATO. In celebration of its 10th anniversary this 2020, it launched the Crew Flight Simulator Lab, which houses more than 20 commercial and general aviation simulators.

In addition, One Air pilot as well as cabin crew aspirants get an upgrade with the introduction of the V360E virtual cockpit and cabin for their training.

Partners in excellence

With V360E, the Malaga-based ATO aims to equip students with a smart learning tool that is designed for both performance and convenience. Asked what he appreciates the most about V360E, One Air General Manager Agustin Cabanillas had this for an answer:


“At One Air, excellence is our priority. We are convinced that virtual training will elevate the learning experience of our students. V360E lets our instructors design and customise virtual training modules, and lets our students access these on their own devices – that’s excellence in one platform!”

One Air graduates are recruited by top national and international airlines. Agustin highlights that V360E will play a key role in their instruction for their wide-range of pilot training programs and cabin training.

Why Flight Schools Love V360E? It helps students to perform better and instructors to teach more efficiently. Learn more here.

Ready for upgrade?

Be part of the growing V360E community. At Aviation eLearning, we aim to enable ATOs and airlines worldwide to implement virtual training with our V360E technology. Among others, our partners have reaped the following benefits: effective pre-flight training, reduced aircraft time, increased pass rates, and improved overall crew and student performance.

Contact us at to request a demonstration or get a free trial on our V360E website.

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