V360E lands in Australia with Learn to Fly Melbourne
July 28, 2020
virtual flight training

Aviation eLearning, the Copenhagen-based company behind the Virtual 360E Editor (V360E), gladly announces that V360E has reached Australia. Premier flight school Learn to Fly Melbourne is the first in the region to use the V360E virtual cockpit training technology.

Learn to Fly’s choice

V360E is a platform for creating and distributing virtual flight training modules as well as non-aircraft virtual training. Learn to Fly CEO Kai Li shares that V360E matches the school’s aim to provide cost-effective training that allows aspirants to reach flying goals faster. “V360E lets us customise our own aircraft procedures. Our instructors love it, and the best part, our students can access unlimited cockpit experience in the smartest way imaginable, from anywhere in the world”, Kai explains.

Learn to Fly instructors collaborate in the V360E platform to build their aircraft procedures. Each procedure is set in a 360 photo of the very aircraft Learn to Fly students use for training. This setup boosts mastery and cognitive abilities which translate to actual performance.

V360E is in the works to be the backbone of the school’s flight procedure training and will be fully implemented by September 2020.

Click the link to see a sample virtual flight training module. See DA42 demo by Aviation eLearning

Pro tech, pro student

Digital training is not an option, but the way forward. With a clear mission, industry expertise, and understanding of students, Learn to Fly knows the role of technology in producing skilled pilots whether flying for leisure or for a career in aviation.

From novices to advanced, students can access their dedicated virtual cockpit trainers using the V360E app. The V360E platform comes with the accessory V360E app students can install on their tablets and smartphones for their ‘anytime, anywhere’ training.

“The new generation of pilots demand tech in their education. As a flight school, we strive to provide them with the latest and most effective tools. This is not only to attract students but also to make sure our offer is the best they can get“, says Kai.

Learn to Fly offers beginner’s, recreational aviation, general aviation, and diploma programs to pilot aspirants around the globe. It has the largest fleet of Diamond DA40, Diamond DA42, and Sling 2 in the Victorian state. Its home base is at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne with satellite offices in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Be part of the V360E community

Join Learn to Fly and be part of V360E’s growing community. Aviation eLearning offers more than three decades of experience in pilot instruction, and expertise in helping air training organisations succeed in implementing virtual training in their programs.

Contact us to request for a personalised V360E presentation. You can also get a free trial.

Attract students with modern learning technology

Attract students with modern learning technology

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