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June 10, 2020
modern pilot training tools

Flight schools have to understand their audience to be successful in conducting pilot education and attracting new students. It is pivotal to know the generational trait of Generation Z pilot aspirants.

Know your students

Generation Z are those born between 1995 and 2010. They have a particular way of learning shaped by the world they were born in – the post-internet stage. They grew up in the age where information is digital, media is social, films are streamed, shopping is online, and every app imaginable is available in a virtual marketplace. They have always had access to information and are quick to pick up on the latest technology.

They decide based on readily accessible information, from choosing their next pizza order to their dream flight school. Student decision-making journey has moved online, reports Google as early as 2013.

Students do their research – scrutinise what you offer and compare it to those of your competitors’. This is their way of getting to know you, so make sure you communicate effectively how well you know them too. One way is by offering modern training tools that match their needs and expectations.

How Scandinavia’s largest flight school creates better prepared pilots

Center Air Pilot Academy implemented virtual training as an immersive alternative to paper-based training for its students.

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Go tech or go home

Are you ready to handle a tech-savvy generation of future pilots? Here’s a list of their standout learning traits:

Desire for autonomy – They desire and make good use of being able to study on their own. They take the initiative in their own learning (LinkedIn Learning).

Interactive – They are not passive learners. They seek engaging and interactive learning experiences (Barnes&Noble College).

Digital – They are digital natives and expect technology to be deeply integrated in their education (Barnes&Noble College).

Connected – They are the first “phigital” generation – born connected; thus, they tend to make no distinction between the physical world and its digital equivalent. They see no reason why the same should not be extended in their education as well as careers (Stillman&Stillman in Gen Z @ Work, 2017).

All these generational learning traits can be addressed by technology. These young students also happen to come from a culture that doesn’t like missing out, so make sure your flight school also doesn’t miss out on the latest learning tools available.

Never heard about virtual pilot training? 🤔 

Explore this fully customisable virtual cockpit trainer for Diamond DA42 here.

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