Denmark’s largest pilot academy integrates V360E to its FlightLogger platform
April 15, 2020
Center Air Pilot Academy

On top of the game

Center Air Pilot Academy (CAPA) based in Copenhagen Airport Roskilde is the region’s largest pilot academy and boasts three decades of experience in pilot training. To stay on top of the game, CAPA endeavors to lead trends in education and technology.

For 2 years, the academy draws on virtual learning to improve training quality while reducing training cost. CAPA uses the Virtual 360 Editor (V360E) to create and distribute training modules with stunning full panoramic images that provide interactive and immersive virtual experiences. All this, done using a cloud-based platform designed for convenience and outcome.

Head of Training, Bodil Frost shares how V360E impacts pilot trainees’ procedure knowledge, passing rates, and overall performance:

“Our job is to prepare our students for a job with any airline, and we want to use the same methods and tools as the airlines, that is why the V360E is attractive for us. Furthermore we experience that our students expect us to offer high quality digital tools. On top of it all we are always looking for ways to improve our training quality.” 

Manage professionally

Consistent with its ‘fly professionally, train professionally’ slogan, CAPA is likewise managed with the expertise of FlightLogger as the industry’s most widely used Flight Training Management (FTM) platform. With FlightLogger, aviation academies can focus on training as the platform addresses the processes of daily operations through digitalisation and streamlining.  CAPA also manages and deploys lessons using FlightLogger.

Best of both platforms – integration between FlightLogger and V360E

Recently, CAPA unlocked another potential of the FlightLogger platform with the V360E integration. This demonstrates how both platforms are compatible, hence optimises utility for their users. CTKI Anna Kjaer explains how this is done:

“We are here to support every student in his/her pursuit of a pilot career, that includes making sure that all students are well prepared when they start their pre-flight briefing. In the past some students reported that it was troublesome to find the relevant information. Now with the V360E integration into the FlightLogger lesson plans it is easy for us – all is in front of the student. Just click the link. Our instructors report that students really benefit from it.”

In CAPA´s experience with V360E, the integration with Flightlogger proved trouble-free and cost-free. They were truly able to get the best out of both platforms, making aviation training virtual, and its operations digital.

Having the students’ progress in focus, CAPA is able to enhance learning with V360E. Frost shares that it motivates students and prepares them for the lessons in the best way possible. “We have learned that our students prefer a visual learning style where we used to use paper tigers or cockpit posters. Now we provide our students and instructors with state of the art interactive cockpit learning tools. It’s so great.”, she adds.

Better student progress and preparation

“We can clearly see that our students use V360 to train procedures before they show up, as the pre-flight briefing is conducted more efficiently. During the mission, students are able to absorb more learning.  The feedback we get from our instructors is very positive. Overall we estimate that we get up to 10 min more training on an average 1:30 hour flying lesson”, says Frost.

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