How Air Greenland achieved perfect pass rates with 60% less aircraft time

Virtual crew training academy

How Sunclass Airlines Manages Crew Training Across 7 Bases

V360E provided a complete training solution for cabin crew on Air Greenland’s Airbus A330 fleet.

The Situation

Air Greenland was looking for a new solution to improve cabin crew training (while also reducing the necessary aircraft time). With multiple locations, the solution had to be standardised and easy to coordinate and implement. And the cabin crew had requested a training solution that was modern, intuitive and easy to use – not another PDF or CBT!

The Solution

V360E was used to develop three custom procedure training modules for Air Greenland that the cabin crew could access anytime, anywhere, via their mobile device.

Safety Equipment Procedure Trainer See Demo
Cockpit Procedure Trainer Emergency
 Cockpit Procedure Trainer Normal

With images captured in stunning 360 degree HD, each module offered a fully immersive way for cabin crew to learn the Airbus A330 procedures, before ever needing to step onto the aircraft. This provided a modern, intuitive and easy to use experience for the crew, and a standardised effective solution for Air Greenland.

The Results

60% less aircraft time

By learning procedures effectively in V360E, Air Greenland saw a reduction of needed aircraft time from 3 to 1, leading to more efficient training.

Saved more than €100,000

Less simulator and aircraft sessions significantly reduced the training costs and led to savings of more than €100,000 – an impressive ROI.

100% pass rates

Every cabin crew member who used the V360E training modules passed the test with flying colours – without needing additional aircraft time.


Less aircraft time

€ Saved


Pass rates


“We wanted our crew to feel that we are on their side in striving to be well-prepared for the job, which is why we have accepted responsibility to provide easy to understand training material. V360E meets these requirements and more.” – Air Greenland Chief Flight Instructor Mogens Motzfeldt-Haahr

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