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April 8, 2020
Leading Edge Aviation DA42

The chalk and talk method is a thing of the past. Part of reinventing the learning environment is going digital with the use of the latest learning technology. Paired with dedicated instructors and structured programs, virtual learning through V360E is an incredible asset in pilot training

UK-based Academy Leading Edge Aviation uses V360E to create digital experience for its students. Instructors design and create aviation procedure training and distribute them to students using the same platform (compatible with any LMS). They can also track student progress and see how they thrive. 

Students access their virtual cockpit and take tests on a tablet. It is so convenient they can even train offline by simply installing the V360E app for iOS (Android version launching soon). V360E allows them to train anytime, anywhere with added effectiveness powered by interactive and visual learning. 

More than meets the eye

Surely, the 360 image is part of V360E’s interface design, but it is more than that. V360E was designed as a learning tool first and foremost, hence every feature is aimed at augmenting the user’s learning capacity. This way, V360E maximises various learning methods:

  • Virtual. Train early on in a virtual aircraft environment familiarising students with the look and feel of operating an aircraft. For every pilot aspirant, this facilitates motivation and engagement from the start of their aviation journey. Pilot’s view at its finest graphics!
  • Audio-visual. Present topics with the aid of stunning visuals for improved and long-term memory capacity. Auditory learners also benefit from the audio feature of V360E. Visuals and sound combined for boosted learning retention.
  • Neuro-cognitive. Learn on both neurological and cognitive levels. The interactive feature of V360E stimulates the brain and quickens brain-wave activity. It develops and strengthens attention, concentration, memory, visual and auditory perception, and more. Learning is fun, caution: it can be addictive.
  • Self-paced. Maximise training efficiency with self-paced learning. Students absorb information properly when they have control over the amount of material they consume and the duration of time they spend for every topic. V360E lets them learn at their own pace, correct their own mistakes, and re-visit lessons infinitely.
  • Mobile. Information is easily accessible from one’s own device making the “classroom” present everywhere. Training anytime, anywhere with any device.

Why Flight Schools Love V360E? It helps students to perform better and instructors to teach more efficiently. Learn more here.

Aim higher. Pilot training with an edge.

Based at London Oxford Airport, Leading Edge Aviation is the rising star of Aviation Academies. It was established in 2018 with the aim to “shake things up and take training to the next level” with its fresh approach to producing airline ready pilots. True to its name and its “Aim higher. Pilot training with an edge.” motto, the academy provides cutting-edge tech for its students such as the latest simulator technology and electronic courses accessible on tablets.

“V360E really brings a new approach to our students learning, they have access to ‘their cockpit’ in a digitally mobile manner using their preferred device, phones or tablet, and our Flight Instructors are able to really direct key points of learning when they design and construct the checklists.” said Capt. Steve Rees, Head of Training at Leading Edge.

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