Free Trial Period Helps Aviomar Select The Right Training Platform
February 9, 2021
Virtual Pilot Training Aviomar

Photo by: Aviomar Flight Academy

We are thrilled to announce that Aviomar Flight Academy decided to adopt virtual pilot training and officially joins our growing V360E community.

Two months back, Aviomar signed up for a free trial of V360E. Since then, our team worked closely with them and supported them during the trial period.

The result? A complete Diamond DA42 cockpit familiarisation course set in a full panoramic virtual cockpit!

Now, the premier flight school is the first in Italy to use virtual pilot training as part of their flight training program.

“Aviomar is keen on investing in order to provide our trainees with the best possible tools and equipment for pilot training in the 21st century. The use of virtual training tools like V360E is part of this effort and represents one the leading training academies in the world to be using such learning environments,” shares Michele Marano, Chief Safety and Compliance at Aviomar.

Trial experience is absolute key

We talked to Michele to get an insight of the evaluation process at Aviomar. He shares that their experience during the trial period was an absolute key in deciding to go with V360E.

“The trial period with V360E was absolutely key for our decision making and selection process. V360E provided a ‘stress-free’ period during which we were able to try the system without any pressure from their sales persons. Actually, we could try all the features in order to test the platform thoroughly. The Aviation eLearning team extended our trial period so we had enough time to complete the testing.”

Michele highlighted ease of use, end user-friendliness, smooth LMS integration, and “a team ready to help at any time” as features that convinced them to choose V360E learning technology for their flight school.

During the trial, Aviomar created the cockpit familiarisation course using our Diamond DA42 virtual cockpit (see our library of aircraft workspaces here). It came out as a well-structured and designed course with content elegantly presented in the HotSpot Icons and HotSpot Areas that students interact with when they view the course.

Since Aviomar uses a Learning Management System (LMS), we made sure they had the chance to import the V360E course into their LMS. This way, they were able to evaluate their course and the experience of learning it from a virtual DA42 cockpit from a student’s point of view.

As for future plans, Aviomar will extend the use of V360E to cover training programs for Boeing 737-800 and Cessna Citation. “Our ultimate goal is to have all our training platforms covered by such excellent virtual training support. V360E will also be used to facilitate learning in our Ryanair Mentored APS MCC Courses, an industry-leading training programme which attracts students from all over Europe,” adds Michele.

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Fast track to success

So what exactly happens during the V360E trial? Here’s a run-down:



Our team provides a 20-minute online live demo to brief the trial user about the platform and how it works. It goes from explaining the workspace or virtual environment to introducing the Editor where virtual courses are made. We also offer Resources that contain video tutorials to help them get started.



We offer a training session where we go into more details about creating and distributing virtual courses and managing end users. The training session is best attended by the instructor/s likely to be assigned as the V360E administrator/s.



We offer consultations with our e-learning and media specialists to ensure our trial users are equipped with the information they need to create virtual courses. We advise trial users in producing 360° photos of aircraft or another training environment.



Our support services are also available by email or phone call. Trial users can contact us with questions about V360E, technical or otherwise. We also offer to build a demo virtual trainer based on the trial user’s sample manual.



Trial users can request us for feedback or insight into the course they created. This is a chance for us to suggest improvements or further steps such as trying out LMS integration, which lets trial users maximise their V360E experience.

We understand that investing in any technology requires time and consideration. This is why it has always been our aim for the free trial period to be a genuine experience of V360E. We take it to heart that the free trial is a fast track to users’ success.

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About Aviomar

Rome-based Aviomar Flight Academy is a world leader in pilot training. It was established in 1982 and is managed by former Alitalia Captain Riccardo Marano. They have one of the highest industry standards in training boasting state of the art facility and instructors composed of experienced and standardised airline and military pilots.

The academy offers both private and commercial pilot licenses, as well as frozen ATPL (integrated and modular), and courses to obtain an instrument rating or an instructor certificate (FI – IRI – CRI – SFI – TRI – MCCI), as well as several other ratings. In addition, they offer type rating courses on Boeing B737-300/900, A320, A340, HS125, C500/550/560, C501/551, C525 and C650. All training programmes are approved and in accordance with European regulations.

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