V360E Takes Chair Flying to the Next Level
August 11, 2020
upgrade pilot cockpit preflight preparation with virtual cockpit

In the old days, pilots performed chair flying to prepare for flight. It typically took place at home in front of a cockpit picture made of cardboard, and it served the purpose of mental preflight preparation.

As primitive as it may seem, chair flying is an effective repetition method that can convert mental practice to professional performance in the cockpit. It takes advantage of mental practice to improve motor and other essential skills.

From chair to tablet

In our modern age, pilots are forced to upgrade their preflight preparation as aircraft and procedures get more advanced. This means that to become more procedure robust, pilots of today need to further their mental chair flying (or mental training) to respond to the changing environment of flying.

That extra mental capacity brought about by proper training is what aids competent pilots when encountering stressful aircraft situations during actual flights.

With modern tools like the Virtual 360 Editor (V360E), pilots are not left with just a cardboard replica of the cockpit. V360E takes them to a virtual cockpit accessible on tablets and other smart devices. The user experience is designed to trigger the visual cortex to process information in the best possible way.

Even better, the technology’s interactive design allows for guided learning using the ‘teach mode’. You can also check your knowledge and ability to perform procedures with the ‘test mode.’

Feedback from students and instructors

Flight school Learn To Fly has been using Virtual Trainer for two years.

Learn more about their experience in our blog post: Virtual Cockpit Trainer at Learn To Fly: Feedback from future pilots and their instructors

No more disruptions

To many flight schools and ATOs, it is important that their students are able to follow the program. Disruptions to a student program are costly. There lies economic burden as well as the hassle of booking and rescheduling of aircraft sessions among others. With V360E, students are better prepared and programs are secured from various forms of disruptions.

On top of that, training costs can be reduced all the while improving performance. That’s truly taking it to the next level!

Upgrade your training program

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How can you Apply Immersive Learning and Maximize Training Effectiveness?

Ready for the next level?

Aviation eLearning is on a mission to support flight schools and training organisations to take chair flying to the next level. With our three decades of expertise and our very own V360E technology, we are ready to assist you in managing and delivering performance in your organisation.


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