Digital crew training? It’s no rocket science.
May 28, 2020

In this digital age, every organisation aims to shift from paper to screen, from classroom to virtual. Flights schools are expected to digitalise their instruction and implement blended learning trend, or else they get left behind. For airlines, digital training can mean a make or break for hiring and retaining the best talents.

We understand the challenges…

Starting your digitalisation project for crew training is challenging as it requires a change in your internal processes and it affects your operational and financial results.

1 in every 4 organisations fails in digitalisation efforts at a high cost according to the 2017 commissioned report by Fujitsu America. The report recommends that more than acquiring the right technology, it is key for companies to collaborate projects and form strategic partnerships with the experts.

…And we are here to help you succeed

It is our mission at Aviation eLearning to enable airlines and ATOs to digitalise pilot and cabin crew training. How? We offer a cloud-based technology that allows organisations to easily create and distribute e-courses with the unique advantage of conducting virtual training right at the learner’s fingertips.

The Virtual 360 Editor (V360E) solution is designed with both the learner’s and the organisation’s success in mind. It makes it easy for the training department to implement digital training while achieving desired learning outcomes for the crew and students.

Here are the ways V360E digitalises your training with ease and confidence:

1. Anyone can work with V360E

The V360E platform is an easy to use tool. You don’t need to rely on a developer or the IT department to use and maintain it. It has intuitive navigation and instinctive functionality.

With V360E cloud service, you get remote access to the platform and receive maintenance and support services from us. This includes training for your administrators who will manage your account, such as instructors who will create the e-courses.

Watch the video to see how our partner airline customised our generic procedures for Boeing 737 according to their SOPs in just 8 hours.

2. Reduce the hassle of actual training by going virtual

We understand that traditional aviation training requires a lot of work and cost. But why get stuck with the status quo when there is a smart alternative? Virtual training means you digitise the aircraft and training facility into a virtual work environment as part of your teaching and learning strategy.

With V360E, you can create unlimited virtual cockpit and cabin trainers. The aircraft you train in is the setting for your e-courses, making it an effective learning experience for your air crew. Mastery of procedure and items is assured with the interactive features you yourself can design in V360E.

There are numerous options for online learning, but what sets V360E apart from the rest is its virtual learning feature. We go beyond digital.

3. All in one

V360E is a complete training solution where you can create and distribute e-courses, store and organise your training resources, and manage your learners. For progress tracking, V360E is conveniently integrable with any Learning Management System (LMS) other than our own.

In addition, V360E comes with apps that your air crew can download on their tablets and smartphones. This takes full advantage of the accessibility and mobility of digital training.


Use V360E for 30 days to create virtual training for your employees. No credit card needed.