Sequenced or Non-Sequenced Content?
Sequenced vs Non Sequenced Content

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You probably hadn’t heard of Sequenced or Non-Sequenced Content before you discovered V360E. No wonder. We invented these features specifically for creating pilot and cabin crew training modules. However, our clients helped us realise that this type of training can be used in virtually any industry – transportation, healthcare, retail, hospitality, tourism, education…

Sequenced Content is a feature for creating a set of actions where end-user navigates by clicking the “Next” button to get through these actions. It is useful for procedural training. Sequenced Content helps you train your employees in what task to perform and when. On top of that, it can teach them HOW to perform it through additional notes that can include images, videos, and even audio instructions.

Non-Sequenced Content is a feature that allows you to place several hotspots in a virtual environment. The virtual environment could be a spherical panorama or any other picture, even a scan of a document. You can insert additional notes, including images, videos, and audio instructions in your hotspots, too.


If you need to create a training module, where the step-by-step principle is essential, Sequenced Content is the feature to use. 

Sequenced Content can be used for training:

  • actions performed by airline pilots before, during and after a flight
  • safety procedures for cabin crew
  • tasks to be completed when a supermarket opens or closes
  • procedures for housekeeping staff in a hotel
  • steps to be completed during daily handover procedure when changing shifts at a reception
  • steps to correctly fill out a document
  • you name it 

We used Sequenced content for creating a Cockpit Procedure Trainer for airline pilots. Performing tasks in a specific order is crucial when it comes to safety. Still, it could be essential for time-saving reasons, too. 

In the example below notice the “Next” button that helps the user navigate through all the steps.



If you want to give your employees more freedom and it is not important what is learnt first and what is next, use Non-Sequenced Content. 

Non-Sequenced Content can be used for:

  • training of location of goods in a warehouse
  • showcase of a hotel or any other environment
  • training items to be checked during an inspection
  • demonstration of vehicle features
  • virtual tour of a building 
  • introduction of a workstation to employees
  • or perhaps presenting a resort for your next corporate retreat?

We used Non-Sequenced Content to create a Safety Equipment Trainer for cabin crew. 

In the example below notice hotspots that are scattered around Forward Galley of an aircraft. The hotspots locate emergency equipment in Forward Galley. End-user, usually cabin crew, open the hotpots by clicking them to learn about the correct storage and use of each piece of the equipment. 

November 29, 2019

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