Safe Air Travel: Educating passengers through virtual learning
January 19, 2021
Safe Air Travel

Air travel is one of the most impacted industries during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve seen a significant reduction in passenger numbers globally due to travel restrictions that came with a domino effect. Empty airports, parked airplanes and a few passengers were common scenes during 2020.

Despite further restrictions imposed this 2021, there is renewed hope in the aviation restart. Airlines, airport authorities and governments are better equipped to navigate the challenges of air travel during Covid-19. Many uncertainties about the virus have been cleared and the vaccine against it is now available.

Information is key

Information campaign is crucial for the aviation restart to be successful. It is important to clearly and continuously communicate to the public the safety and precautionary measures to follow during their entire travel.

Towards this goal, all stakeholders must have awareness campaigns that educate the public to make informed decisions and instill trust in the industry and give peace of mind during the trip.

At the forefront of this is the International Air Transport Association which represents 290 airlines or 82% of total air traffic.

According to IATA, air travel remains to be one of the safest transportation alternatives during Covid-19. The agency provides guidelines and resources for air regulators and professionals as well as for the general public.

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Aviation eLearning develops Course on Safe Air Travel

The pandemic taught us that each person’s actions have consequences beyond measure. But it also brought upon us the lesson that cooperation is the only way to go.

At Aviation eLearning (AeL), we believe that concerted individual efforts can make a difference. As a company dedicated to aviation training, we deem it part of our mission to contribute knowledge and information about safe air travel.

Our team, composed of aviation and media professionals, developed this Course on Safe Air Travel created using our very own virtual training platform – the Virtual 360 Editor (V360E). The course information is taken from sources such as the IATA, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The course is free and available as a public link that is viewed via a browser. This means anyone with the link can access the course and even share it with their entire organisation and their family and friends.

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Experience virtual learning
Safe Air TravelThe Course on Safe Air Travel takes the learners into a virtual airport. It allows them to move around and explore HotSpots where specific information about safe travel practices and Covid-19 facts are presented.

The series of the virtual tour replicates what air travelers experience from the moment they arrive at the airport to boarding until they arrive at the airport of their destination. It allows them to explore the aircraft too.

The objective is to make the course informative and interactive so that adults and kids alike can have fun as they learn.

Our clients report that virtual training is the new way to learn. With the free course, modern learning from the aviation industry is now available for everyone.

“We believe in the power of interactive learning. Learners should have every opportunity to engage in the entire learning process. This is exactly what virtual learning is all about. We developed V360E to be used in teaching complicated procedures and we’re confident it can have the same learning outcomes if used for educating the public about safe air travel.”

Steen Bach Sandal

Head of Standards, Aviation eLearning

Customise or create

We understand that for leaders and managers in charge of public awareness campaigns, the challenge is to clearly and effectively communicate information and efficiently disseminate them. This is why we welcome interested parties to customise our course or create anew.

The Course on Safe Air Travel can be customised by any organisation to reflect their actual airports, aircraft and health and safety measures.

V360E allows customisation of the virtual environment and the content such as photos, videos, audios, texts and even the language used. Information communicated in the local language ensures clarity of message and accessibility, so this is always advisable.

Organisations may also opt to create their own course from scratch. This can be done with ease as the platform is intuitive in design and our team will help ensure your success.

Contact us for more information on customising or creating your own safe air travel course with our V360E.

*For more air travel and Covid-19 materials, visit IATA’s information for passengers flying during the pandemic.

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