How award-winning Royal Brunei Airlines train their crew
November 24, 2020
cabin crew

Photo by: Royal Brunei Airlines

From Denmark to Brunei, we are sending huge congratulations to our partner Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) for winning the Leading Cabin Crew in Asia at the World Travel Awards (WTA) 2020!

At Aviation eLearning, we are always inspired by our partners’ success. This time, we want to feature RB’s cabin crew and get an insight into their latest achievement.

We had the privilege of speaking with Nur Rita Syakirah Abdullah, Senior Vice President of Cabin Services, right after the award was announced. She shared that the uniquely warm Bruneian hospitality is a core part of RB’s corporate strategy. She credited the meticulous execution of the members of the Cabin Services, In-flight Services, Ground Services and Flight Operations Team for making RB’s vision come true.

We asked Ms. Abdullah what the award means for RB and she said “As Brunei’s flag carrier, we reflect our Bruneian values in everything we do, with the defining trait being the genuine and warm hospitality we deliver to our guests. We’re very proud this has been recognized on the global stage, the amazing services our crew provide to our guests is truly a reflection of RB and Brunei.”

Training and the COVID-19 challenge

Like most airlines, RB has always faced the challenge of having cabin crew attend a course on the ground during peak season. With COVID-19, it became even tougher to conduct training considering all health restrictions in place, particularly social distancing.

“To reach all of our cabin crew, we’ve experienced situations where it may take 8 -9 months to acquire full attendance for mandatory training. During the initial stage of COVID-19, it became more pressing for the need to obtain a virtual training platform as we were controlled by the number of participants allowed in a class and taking into account social distancing”, told Ms. Abdullah.

She also noted that “V360E would have been the perfect tool for the situation” as it enables virtual training and “addresses the flexibility [of] our crew to learn on-the-go given their flying schedule.”

Virtual training and future plans

Earlier this month, we announced that RB implements virtual training for pilots and cabin crew using our V360E platform.

We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to hear from the cabin crew’s perspective, so we asked Ms. Abdullah why they chose V360E. She shared with us that they view V360E as a tool “that may boost learning experience and learners’ understanding of concepts through interactive learning.”

“Our Training Team has adapted V360E during the induction course for aircraft cabin familiarization, whereas the Safety and Emergency Procedures Team has planned and designed more modules to be incorporated”, she added.

As for future plans, V360E will be part of RB´s training program for aircraft layout and environment as well as procedure-based training. This is in addition to the plan to use V360E for ground crew training.

V360E fits perfectly into RB´s strive for perfection. It offers a unique learning environment for the individual using their own device and during classroom facilitation. These properties are key elements in a blended learning method.

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Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods.

Lothridge, Karen; et al. (2013). “Blended learning: efficient, timely, and cost effective”. Journal of Forensic Sciences. 45 (4): 407–416. doi:10.1080/00450618.2013.767375


Finally, we asked RB to tell us what the global passengers can expect from their cabin crew in the year to come. Ms. Abdullah had this to share: 

“RB is a remarkable airline proudly serving Brunei, the Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures, to the world from its hub in Bandar Seri Begawan. At the heart of the airline is our even more remarkable people, Team RB, who are dynamic and constantly at the forefront to showcase the little things that make our service special. They’re part of what makes RB the better way to fly and we are very proud of our own people who deliver this day in and day out.”

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About the Award

TWA is globally recognised as the hallmark of excellence, awarding the best in the travel and tourism industries since 1993. It aims to promote world travel by identifying and rewarding excellence and inspiring industry members to continually raise the standards.

RB emerged as the best in the region after online voting by qualified executives and travelers worldwide.



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