6 simple tips for taking a great cockpit picture
take cockpit picture

To create a virtual e-courses in V360E, you need a Workspace – visual background to place your content in. For the best learning experience, a Workspace can be created by 360° panoramic image. 

Your Workspace can either be a 360° image from our library or a 360° image you produce. If you choose to use your own image to create a Workspace for your e-course, you need a 360° image which is a spherical panorama with ratio 2:1. That can be overwhelming if you are new to photography 🤯 

But don’t worry. We got your back!

To create a 360° panoramic picture make sure to use a 360 camera, such as GoPro Max.

Got the camera? Great!

Now follow our tips to take a great cockpit picture that will create a Workspace for your virtual course.

Cockpit 360 Photography Guide

1. Clean screens, remove dust from pedestal and get rid of unnecessary manuals or cargo.

2. Align seats and straighten window shades.

3. Mind the light source. If sunny, turn the aircraft’s nose away from the sun, so the sun lits up the main panel.

4. Get ground power and turn on screens. The picture will be more vivid!

5. Imagine pilot sitting in the cockpit and position the camera in a line with their shoulder. Place the camera at the same level as pilot’s head would be.

6. Level up your camera. Make sure it is balanced horizontally.

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October 20, 2020

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