Are you ready for ‘ramp up’?
June 25, 2020
Are you Ready for Ramp Up?

Ramp up refers to the actions and procedures taken by air operators to slowly begin their flight operations. We see this currently happening as airlines are busy preparing aircraft and crew for operation now that domestic and international flights are gradually resuming.

The technical aspect to bring aircraft back in the air is well-described, but for air crew, the story is different.

Ever called something “rusty”? The term also applies to pilots and cabin crew members who have not performed their duties for some time, potentially making them less proficient in their tasks. This is a general tendency for all professions.

Proficiency is the key

We look at performance as knowledge, attitude, and skills. The more these three are sharpened, the more proficient the crew is. Particularly, knowledge can be hard to recall and skills can be rough after a long period of time without performing regular duties.

Many tasks we perform in the aircraft are skill-based. The question then is, how do we train skills when we are not able to be in the aircraft?

Virtual training

Virtual training is a method of training where a physical environment is simulated using digital technology. It solves the impracticality as well as the impossibility of training in an actual aircraft.

Since maintaining knowledge of SOP is the foundation of what air crew do, the erosion of procedure knowledge and application puts the safety of operation at stake.

The solution? Let your pilots fly in a virtual cockpit and cabin crew members in a virtual cabin and train with your own procedures. With the Virtual 360 Editor (V360E), you take them back into the aircraft any time of the day – ramp up or otherwise.

A320 virtual cockpit

SunClass Airlines uses V360E to train pilots on the ground

With pilots sent home due to COVID-19, SunClass finds a way to maintain air crew proficiency with V360E. The customisable virtual train and track software solves the urgent training need and minimises the amount of training required once full operation resumes.

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