The new normal: Virtual training in the time of social distancing
May 15, 2020

Social distancing and work

With governments looking to ease lockdowns, on top of every company’s agenda is working on ways to minimise virus transmission at work.

Some forms of social or physical distancing would remain as the ‘new normal’ even for some years. Scientists at the Harvard School of Health warn that there is a strong risk of spikes in infection once lockdowns are lifted.

This means employers need to be proactive in mitigating the risk of a second wave of COVID-19 cases once work fully resumes. Some suggestions include remote working, restructuring of the physical workspace, and strong social distancing campaign in the workplace.

V360E virtual training solution

Aviation eLearning (AeL) aims to contribute to the development of distance learning by introducing the Virtual 360 Editor (V360E). AeL’s V360E solution is using technology to create a virtual 360 training environment where there is no need for human contact. It is a complete training solution that takes learners to a virtual environment with the use of ultra high definition panoramic images for maximum visual learning. It was conceptualised as a response to the impracticality of having to train multiple times in the aircraft or simulator which are often in distant locations and at a high cost.

With V360E, companies as well as learning institutions can reduce in-person contact and classroom sessions. The self-paced training of learners in the convenience of their homes and on their own tablets and smartphones, prepares them better for in-person training or activities in the actual environment. This conforms to the trend of blended learning where learners prepare before the formal training.

V360E is designed as a self-authoring tool, hence the “Editor”, that enables organisations and their instructors to develop and create digital content within their virtual training environments. Although born in aviation, it works for a wide-range of industries where standard procedures and compliance with regulations are must.

Positive outcome

Since its use of V360E in 2017, Air Greenland has reduced its cabin crew aircraft session from 3 to 1. With the 60% reduction, they maintain a perfect passing rate which goes to show why virtual training is an effective solution to the challenges of the new normal in training in light of social distancing measures.

Rethinking training

For companies that conduct in-person training, it is crucial that a rethinking of the training method takes place. We need to ask questions like what alternatives are available?

How do we support the learner in a smarter way so learning progress is not reduced even with social distancing?

How do we reduce the amount of time in the classroom or training facility?

How do we ensure that the tools we choose will produce the desired performance outcome?

It is certainly a challenge to enforce social distancing and other preventive measures when actual training in specific environments is necessary for knowledge and skill acquisition. This is why AeL offers V360E as a concrete solution with free trial available on their V360E website.


Use V360E for 30 days to create virtual training for your employees. No credit card needed.