Maximise your ALSIM investment with V360E: The Billund Air Center Experience
May 5, 2020
Alsim V360E

Preparing for Simulator with V360E

With the considerable number of hours aspirants spend training in the simulator, Billund Air Center (BAC) developed a way to efficiently use its ALSIM ALX by adopting a pre-simulation training. BAC designed its own ALSIM Training Procedure with V360E. Jørn Askholm, Head of Training, explains the idea behind this: 

“We have invested a considerable amount in our new ALSIM ALX and wanted to optimize what we get out of it, not just economically but also from a training perspective. With V360E we were able to explain procedures in a much more engaging way to our students, and we clearly see the difference.  Our students learn more and faster, as they are familiar with the simulator before they enter”.

As a V360E customer since 2017, BAC understands the power of virtual learning in training aspirant pilots. Through V360E, BAC instructors created a Virtual360 trainer on how to use the ALX. This way, aspirants already have deep knowledge of the ALX and procedures, and their simulation hours are spent on actual flight training, and no longer on how to use the simulator hardware.  

“It truly prepares our students for the ALX and we can focus on flying and non-technical skills. Especially the fact that we can customize the procedures to our SOP is essential and the fact that students use their own device anytime, anywhere, so we don’t have to invest in any hardware.”, Askholm adds.

Billund Air Center trains with ALSIM ALX

Based in Denmark, BAC is among the premier flight schools with ALSIM AXL. The AXL is a modular, two-seat cockpit flight training device that can be reconfigured into four aircraft types and ten flight models. For BAC’s training use, the EASA certified AXL is converted between a multi engine piston and a medium jet Airbus A320.

By purchasing the brand new FNPT-II MCC ALSIM ALX in 2017, BAC aims to elevate quality of training by incorporating simulation hours to its ATP training for traffic pilots and enhanced MCC Training Courses for business pilot training.

With this, BAC offers a complete training program that is focused on large traffic aircraft from the very beginning. BAC explains that this approach provides aspirants learning opportunities that they do get from education that is taken exclusively on small school aircraft.

ALSIM – V360E Combo

BAC’s experience serves as inspiration for ATOs and other organisations with simulators. One can truly maximise the investment by implementing pre-simulation training. In BAC’s case, it is through Aviation eLearning’s V360E that they created the ALSIM V360 trainer using stunning images and interactive course design for optimal learning. The course is also deployed with convenience using the same V360E platform. 

Furthermore, aspirants can learn about the simulator with their personal device of their choice, and even offline with the V360E Player app. While ALSIM is one of the best environments to learn in, the V360E complements it by providing smart and effective pre-simulation training.


Use V360E for 30 days to create virtual training for your employees. No credit card needed.